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career after aeronautical engineering, aircraft engineering, aerospace engineering, aeroplane engineeringIn India aeronautical engineers are mostly employed by ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) and the Defense Ministry. One can also look for jobs available with the Civil Aviation Department, National Aeronautical Laboratory, Defense Research and Development Laboratories (DRDO) and Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL).
Taking a course on Aerospace engineering is equivalent to be a Mechanical engineer, Civil engineer, Electrical Electronics and Telecommunication engineer, Computer engineer and above all a good knowledge about Designing and Developing Aircrafts and space crafts all at the same time. But after a Bachelor's course in Aerospace Engineering a specialization in a particular field is important in a Master's or Research course.

future in aernautics, future after aeroplane diploma engineering, future after aerospace engineering degree course in indiaA lot of job opportunities for aeronautical engineers are also available in the countries like United States of America, France, UK and Germany, United Arab Emirate. Therefore, aeronautical or aviation engineers from India as well as from all other parts of the world flock to these countries. A good percentage of Indians constitute the work force of engineers and technical professionals in NASA.
Typical projects an Astronautical Engineer might be involved with include designing systems to provide power to a satellite over its 20 year lifetime or analyzing spacecraft structures to insure they are strong enough to survive their journeys. Astronautical engineers also develop communications systems to provide contact with distant space probes. Others design new rockets and reusable space vehicles to carry people and equipment into space

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