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What Is Polytechnic?


The word polytechnic is derived from the Greek word ‘poli’ mean's many and ‘tekhnikos’ mean's arts. Polytechnic offers a variety of professional courses, both technical and vocational in nature. The Polytechnic provides various career courses and allows a person to start his own business or get a decent job at a reputed place. In fact, Polytechnics give one the comfort of various career courses under one roof. The courses offered by polytechnics help an individual kick-start his career. Polytechnic is that course in higher education field unlimited opportunity, it has glorious opportunities in profesnal career. There are various types of polytechnics in India - government owned polytechnics, private polytechnics, women's polytechnic and likewise. Subjects taught in these polytechnics are numerous and include- polytechnics in mass communication, polytechnics in fashion designing, polytechnics in automobile engineering, polytechnics in chemical engineering, polytechnics in interior decoration, polytechnics in computer engineering…the list can go on and on.


The women polytechnics lay stress on all types of courses in general and women-oriented courses in particular. Women-oriented courses will enable women to become independent and begin their career. Some women oriented courses include polytechnics in cookery, polytechnics in sewing, polytechnics in house-decorations, etc. The minimum eligibility to seek admission in a polytechnic college is 10th standard. But these diplomas can be pursued even after 10+2 or graduation. A polytechnic is a Vocational course with non-university higher education and in another words we say that it is junior Engineering and Diploma Engineering. Usually polytechnic focusing on some specialization in some fields like:-
1. Diploma in Civil Engineering (Polytechnic in Civil).
2. Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (Polytechnic in Mechanical).
3. Diploma in Electrical Engineering (Polytechnic in Electrical).
4. Diploma in IT Engineering (Polytechnic in IT).
5. Diploma in ETC Engineering (Polytechnic in ETC).
6. Diploma in Computer Science(CS) Engineering (Polytechnic in CS).


What is Polytechnic?

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